Is the Motor Club of America Car insurance?

People have many concerns when it comes to expenses related to their vehicles. There are many policies and plans available, as well as clubs and discount programs. The Motor Club of America is one option that people have, but many people do have questions about exactly what it is. Is it an insurance plan? Is it something else? Get all of the information you need about the Motor Club of America in this article.

What Is The Motor Club Of America?

One of the many fears that people have when driving is that they could be stranded on the side of the road, in a parking lot or in a location quite far from the nearest gas station or auto repair shop. Thankfully, the Motor Club of America offers roadside assistance throughout the United States. Not only that, but several different types of membership plans are available through the service.

Motor Club of America is not an insurance plan and will not meet the minimum requirements your state has for automobile insurance or other proof of financial responsibility. Either way, as a driver, you do not want to be stranded anywhere, and the roadside assistance program that is offered by Motor Club of America is a well-known and reputable way to stay protected against these types of unfortunate circumstances, as well as many others. The club has been around since the 1920s, making it established, experienced, and well-respected. Not only does the Motor Club of America offer roadside assistance memberships, but the club also offers other great benefits.

Roadside assistance includes many benefits to its members, who are located throughout the United States and in Canada as well. With over 7 million active members, this expensive network gives you support, no matter the time. Services that are included in the roadside assistance program through Motor Club of America include opening locked doors, changing tires, recharging batteries, towing and much more. The membership is a cost-effective way to reduce worry and anxiety about things that happen to many Canadians and Americans each year.

What Other Services Are Offered By MCA?

There are many other benefits to having a membership with MCA as well. Outside of the 24-hour roadside assistance the club provides, you will also receive access to numerous other benefits. Travel assistance is just one of many of the services that are offered to members.

Some of the other services offered with a membership include travel planning support. If you are looking to go on a vacation, help with planning where to go, what to do, car rentals when you get there, and more, are some of the services that are offered to MCA members through the program. Also, you will get credit card protection as part of your membership.

A wellness program is also included in your plan. Other car-related things that assistance is provided for include emergency room and hospital reimbursements if you are injured on the road. A stolen vehicle reward could also be paid by MCA if your vehicle is stolen, adding incentive for people to give assistance in helping recover your vehicle. Bail bonds services are another benefit, if you happen to be arrested for a vehicle-related issue. For certain auto-related charges, attorney fee reimbursement is also be included in the service.

Remember, however, that no liability insurance coverage that meets the minimum requirements of your state is included with a Motor Club of America membership. You will still need to purchase an additional car insurance plan to have the coverage you need to drive in the state legally. Still, the benefits that an MCA membership brings are immense and can save you tens of thousands of dollars in some cases.

MCA Membership Plans That Are Available

There are many benefits to having an MCA plan, and getting a membership is easy to do. A standard membership plan from MCA includes all of the benefits you see above and is a reasonable monthly fee. An upgraded or premium membership is also very reasonable, which gives you additional benefits that you can enjoy. The premium membership includes towing services of up to 100 miles, and you also get to choose the destination your vehicle is towed to. The pricing is highly competitive, and under what many other programs charge. The fee for the service is monthly, but it can include coverage for trailers, RVs, motorcycles, and more.

What About Car Insurance Options?

A membership to Motor Club of America does not fulfill the requirements for insurance, which is mandatory in each state. While it includes some of the same benefits and services that standard automobile insurance plans have, as a driver, you are legally responsible for damages that you cause when you are behind the wheel of a car. Liability insurance is required in most states due to this, and an MCA membership plan does not include any form of liability coverage. Outside of that, many drivers choose to pick up additional coverage to further protect themselves financially. Getting the right amount of automobile insurance coverage for your needs is essential, as damages from car accidents can cost people tens of thousands of dollars. Without insurance, people can find themselves responsible for paying more in damages than they have, heavily affecting their standard of living.

Other types of auto insurance coverage people can purchase include collision insurance coverage, comprehensive insurance coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, UIM coverage, medical payments coverage, and others as well. While most of these are not required by law, uninsured motorist coverage and liability insurance coverage are in most states. Check with your Department of Motor Vehicles for more information on the types of car insurance policies you need to have.

Regardless of whether you are looking to join a roadside assistance service, are looking for full coverage automobile insurance, or simply want to get insurance coverage to meet the minimum limits required by law in your state, Motor Insurance has the tools you need to get the best prices available. Use the links on the site to get the insurance coverage you need to drive legally and be financially protected if an accident happens. Make sure, regardless of which type of insurance policy or club membership you are purchasing, you review the current services available and what is covered before you purchase. Sometimes these services overlap your automobile insurance plan, and sometimes services can change, as far as what is being offered. Being protected when traveling is important, and membership with the Motor Club of America may be a worthwhile way to save money on towing costs and other expenses if unfortunate situations occur.



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